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Frequent Asked Questions

Check if your question has been answered here, otherwise contact our customer service and we will clarify any points that are unclear.

How long is the warranty period provided with the Telasul kitchens?

Telasul kitchens have a one-year warranty.

What does the Telasul Warranty cover?

The Telasul Warranty covers manufacturing defects.

What are the cases not covered by the Telasul Warranty?

The Telasul Warranty does not cover:

  • Insurance expenses and/or “extended warranty” services;
  • Assembly and disassembly service;
  • Damage caused by problems in the plumbing and electrical installations;
  • Normal wear and tear resulting from the use of the product;
  • External agents: water, salt air, oxidation (rust), fire and corrosion;
  • Failure to comply with the use recommendations;
  • Misuse, lack of maintenance and cleaning, or non compliance with the guidelines set forth by Telasul regarding the maintenance and cleaning of the product;
  • Using the product in places subject to excessive humidity, corrosive gases or with high or low temperatures, dust, acidity;
  • Products damaged during their shipping, loading and unloading and/or natural hazards as well as bumps and dents.
What care should be taken to clean and maintain Telasul kitchens?

Always use soft cloth dampened with water and mild soap to clean the product. Never use alcohol or abrasive products, especially steel sponges or any material that might scratch the surface. It is recommended to cover shelves with plain plastic or paper in areas with great friction. Avoid storing acidic substances (salt, vinegar, lemon, onion, etc.) in direct contact with the product.

What care should be taken regarding Telasul kitchen legs?

To prevent the feet from breaking and/or suffering any damage, some precautions must be taken:

  • Do not sit or apply overweight on the product;
  • Do not drag the product.

In case the product needs to be moved, lift it evenly by holding its bottom on the four sides.

How to obtain technical assistance?

Requests for technical assistance should be made directly from the store where the product was purchased.

How can I request technical assistance if the store has closed down?

When the store where the purchase was made no longer exists, you can request technical assistance directly from Telasul. Access the link CUSTOMER SUPPORT in the CONTACT menu or you can access the address and fill in the requested data.

Customers are required to send pictures of the entire product and the damaged parts, in addition to the copy of the purchase invoice/receipt. Describe in detail the problems and the cause of the problem.

The request will be evaluated by the team in charge and in case the problem is covered by Telasul Warranty, replacement parts will be sent.

Telasul does not take responsibility for carrying out the assembly or replacement service.

IMPORTANT: The request will be evaluated only if the invoice and photos of the damaged parts are legible.

Is it possible to request technical assistance from Telasul without presenting the invoice/receipt?

No, it is not. It is mandatory to submit a copy of the invoice/receipt.

Is it possible to request technical assistance from Telasul without sending the product photos?

No, it is not. The pictures must be sent to show the problem on the product and identify which parts need to be replaced.

Is it possible to request technical assistance from Telasul on behalf of a person who did not make the purchase?

No, it is not. Only the owner of the product (the one whose name appears on the invoice/receipt) may request technical assistance.

Is it possible to purchase Telasul kitchen parts?

No, it is not. Telasul only sells complete modules, and just through their retail stores.

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